Walter CP99 BB Gun – See My Full Review

Walter CP99 BB Gun Review

The Walther CP99 Compact by Umarex is a unique reproduction of the Walther P99 Compact.  This rugged little pistol sports a metal blow back slide and fires in single action. The single action uses some of the CO2 from the blow back  to cock the gun for the next round to be unleashed.

The CP99 Compact is constructed of a high quality polymer plastic, and features combat style grips.  The blow back on this pistol is quite powerful and can be quite surprising.


Walter CP99 BB Gun - See My Full Review

CP99 versions

There are four versions of this pistol from the company. The CP99 Compact, the CP99 Compact with included laser sight, the CP99 Compact with Nickel slide, and the CP99 Compact Recon which includes bridge mount, Walther Shot Dot green sight & compensator.

Walter CP99 BB Gun - See My Full Review

 CP99 safety

The Gun safety is located on the right side of the gun, and is some what difficult to use.  You have to simultaneously pull back and push up  the lever to deactivate the safety.  While in action mode, the safety also acts as a de-cocker. This is achieved by pushing the safety back to safe mode.

Walter CP99 BB Gun - See My Full Review

 CP99 features

One of the Gun’s nicest features is the slide locks back when the gun runs out of BBs.  Other features on this pistol is a Weaver style rail under the barrel and an ambidextrous magazine release. The magazine release is cleverly hidden on the bottom of the trigger guard.

Walter CP99 BB Gun - See My Full Review

AlsoWalther CP99 has an added safety feature. When it is in fire mode a red dot will appear on the back of the slide.


The CP99 CO2 chamber is hidden under the grip strap.  It also has a unique method of fastening the CO2.  First you rotate the cylinder lock located on the bottom of the grip to the ‘open’ position.

Next loosen the adjustment screw in the chamber. Then inserting a CO2 cartridge, tighten the adjustment screw located in the chamber till its snug.  Lastly, rotate the cylinder lock to the ‘power’ mode.

Walter CP99 BB Gun - See My Full Review

The pistol magazine is all metal with the capacity of holding up to 18 BBs.  Loading the BBs is pretty straight forward.  Remove the magazine at the bottom of the weapon. Pull the follower down and lock it at the side. Load the BBs through the loading port, and then unlock the follower. Lastly insert the magazine into the weapon until it locks tight.

 How to Testing And Testing Methods

We will be testing the accuracy, shots per CO2 cartridge, Trigger  Pull,  BB velocity, and loudness of the pistol. At room Temperature of 73ºF .

And For accuracy the pistol will be used on a  gun rest.  A new CO2 cartridge will be used. five shots will be  fired with a 15 second rest between shots.  We will be  using Daisy  Premium grade BBs which have given us good results in the  past.  The  target will be set for 15 feet .

  • Shots per CO2 will be tested by firing shots  with 15 second rests, till the performance of the pistol wanes.
  • Trigger Pull will be measured with a trigger gauge in lbs of force.
  • BB Velocity will be measured as an average of 5 shots through a Shooting Chrony.
  • Loudness will be measured with a dB meter.


Walter CP99 BB Gun - See My Full Review

The Results:

  1. Accuracy: 1.31grouping
  2. Shots Per CO2 Cartridge: 90-100 shots
  3. Trigger Pull: 4.9 lbs
  4. BB Velocity: 308 fpsAverage
  5. The Loudness: 97 dB

The CP99 is a well constructed CO2 pistol that gives you the feel of firing a real handgun, thanks in part to its blow back action.  Accuracy was a little below average, but this isn’t a competition target gun. This is a fun to shoot action pistol made for plinking in the backyards.

Also available for the CP99 are extra magazines and a easy to slide on lasers and green dots.

Manufacturer’s Specifications


  • Barrel Length:3.60″
  • Overall Length: 6.60″
  • Capacity: 18 round(s)
  • Weight: 1.70 lbs
  • Barrel: Smooth bore
  • Front Sight: Blade and Ramp
  • Rear Sight: Fixed
  • Scopeable: No
  • Trigger action: Single-action
  • Suggested for: Plinking/Fun
  • Action: Semiautomatic
  • Powerplant: CO2
  • Safety: Manual
  • 365 FT/sec
  • Repeater: Repeater
  • Blowback: Yes


The Pros:

  • Blowback
  • Accessories Rail
  • Decocker
  • Slide locks back when empty
  • Single Action trigger
  • Ambidextrous Mag Release
  • Red dot indicator when in fire mode

The Cons:

Hard Safety knob

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Walter CP99 BB Gun - See My Full Review

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